Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Spot’ On Obul Reddy

Known for creating sensation and storm with his movies, tweets and words, eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma is coming up with another faction drama. This time he deals with single murder which he has already covered in his Rakta Charitra, 1st part, but hasn’t explicitly sneaked into every minute detail. Ramu’s next flick is titled ‘Spot’ and it deals with factionists who ‘spot’ murders of various opponents quite intelligently after going through painstaking background work. 
This ‘Spot’ deals with death of Obul Reddy, more precisely the broad daylight murder that took place at Masab Tank apartment in Hyderabad way back in 1996. “While making Rakta Charitra 1 & 2, I’ve failed to do justice as some persons who want to be unnamed, pressurized me to not reveal many details”, says Ramu, who is coming up with another installment from the gruesome Rayalaseema tales. 
He stated that those persons who have kept ‘spot’ for Obul Reddy’s murder have revealed the details themselves, and that prompted him to make a movie. Obul Reddy is the son of former Penugonda MLA Sane Chennareddy and various police-cases related to murder, rape and treason are registered on him at police stations across Rayalseema. He was murdered in 1996 by his political opponents.