Ram Laughs At Rich Females Message

As the day kick-started, young hero Ram received an anonymous ‘advertisement’ message on his phone, which shocked him and made him laugh like anything. Sharing the print-screen of his phone, he expressed a surprise about the legality of the message. 
Apparently the message reads, “Real friendship point: Meeting with high profile rich females in your nearest area and earn money. For more details SMS Real Energy to 56xxxx00”. A read at it makes us understand about the kind of ‘friendship’ the message indirectly hints. 
A disgusted Ram said, “This is the funniest random forwarded text I’ve ever received. By the way, is this even legal”, he posed to Airtel company, as his SIM happens to be on that circuit. But anyway, maybe it is the person who forwarded the message should be asked about it, not Airtel.