Ram trying hard not to imitate Pawan Kalyan & Allu Arjun !

Young hero Ram, who is having a strong streak in him to deliver energetic performances, is worried about the hurdles that are knocking him down. One is Power Star Pawan Kalyan and the other is Stylish Star Allu Arjun.
Ram has won accolades in the likes of Allu Arjun when it comes to moving swiftly on the dance floor. But, most of the time, his energies are compared with Arjun’s. Indeed this is worrying Ram as he is unable to come out with distinct mark to stop these comparisons. On the other hand, if he does some exaggerated performance, we’re immediately reminded of Pawan Kalyan.
Recently, producer Allu Arvind also openly stated that Ram resembles Powerstar in his acting. Insiders are saying that Ram is now working hard to come out of this cocoon with a distinct style of his own. ‘As long as he imitates those two heroes, people speak that way. Ram should work with guys like Puri and Trivikram to get his body language changed’, say a top producer.