Rama! Mega Fans Put Pressure on Allu Aravind


Ever since the announcement came from Allu camp about the Rs 500 crore ‘Ramayana’ project, mega fans are quite excited. Although there is no official confirmation on who will play the lead role of Lord Rama, fans seem to blindly fixed for Ram Charan. Some fans have even created posters featuring Charan as Rama. Buzz is that Allu Aravind will have to face the heat from fans if he dares to cast some other actor as Rama.

‘Magadhree’a remains the only memorable film in Charan’s career till date. Although he tasted some other hits, none had potential to remain in the hearts of people for long time. Mega fans, especially Charan fans, who have been waiting to see the actor is another larger than life character, got excited with the announcement of Ramayana from Aravind. Fans are also of the opinion that Charan can only bring back the lost glory of Mega family amidst Baahubali phenomenon.

As the film will be made in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi, Aravind may have plans to rope in an actor having pan-India appeal, mostly a Bollywood star such as Hrithik Roshan. On the other hand, mega fans may not be pleased if Aravind ropes in any actor other than Charan, not even Allu Arjun, to essay Rama.

Neither Allu Aravind nor Charan has commented on Ramayana casting yet despite they are aware of the ongoing discussions among fans.