Ramcharan crosses ‘Dammu’ Records

Behind the screen, plenty of business deals happening for ‘Rachcha’ are shocking to hear about. Apparently, out of the form Ramcharan still has the Mega Charm to do wonders at BO and ‘Rachcha’ is standing out as an example. As per inner reports, producers of ‘Rachcha’ are sitting happy with table profits after investing nearly Rs.30 Crores on film and in parallel completed the business of all the areas except Nizam for Rs.32 Crores which means makers are already safe enjoying the profit in the form of Nizam + 2 Crores liquid cash.
On the other side, Junior NTR’s ‘Dammu’ pre-release business is reported of closed at nearly Rs.40 Crores. Problem for ‘Dammu’ is the high investment which is said to be somewhere near to Rs.38 Crores. Wish that, both NTR and Charan storm the BO to re-approve the stamina of Telugu cinema.