Ramcharan strongly supports Sampath !

Ram Charan, who tasted both rocking success and bitter flop at the very start of his career, is known for his honest personality. He talks good about everyone as that will pay him in the long run, say insiders.

After going through many scripts from top directors of Tollywood, Charan finalized one flick old Sampath Nandi and Rachha. Shocked friends from industry advised him to take a backseat about the idea. But, Charan stood strong supporting him in all possible ways. Even though if he finds Sampath’s incapability, he may not open his mouth as he cannot defer his own idea.

These are the days where heroes clean their hands by slinging mud on directors for films fate. But Sampath is very lucky to find a hero to take blame on himself if at all something goes wrong.

At the same time, Charan will not walk with glory alone if the film turns hit, but gives a fair share to director also. They say that Sampath should pay loyalties to Charan throughout his life.