Ramu-A politician with Mafia Connections

Crazy film maker Ram Gopal Varma seems to be becoming a politician. Till some years back he made films which created sensation on silver screen winning even the acclaim of film critics. Later on many feel he is smitten by political charms and started dabbling with politicians. He even made films on political and mafia backdrop. He made lot of films like ‘Sarkar’, ‘Sarkar Raj’ casting Big B Amitabh Bachchan and later he came to tollywood at once courting trouble with his film ‘Raktha Charitra’ based on ex home minister and faction leader Paritala Ravi who was brutally murdered in broad day light.
As if this was not enough he did ‘Department’ and even announced a film on 26/11 attacks. In between he courted controversy announcing a film titled ‘Reddygaru Poyaru’ which many felt is based on late CM of AP, YS.Rajasekhar Reddy. Ramu who was adamant not to change title of the film, finally bowed to pressure and changed the title to ‘Ayana Poyaru’. Now he decided to take on Team Anna branding them as Anna Brand. Sharing his idea on twitter he said “I want to make a film called Anna gang..its about a gandhian politician who gets vexed with his team nd forms an underworld gang”.He went on to tweet “Anna gang is the best brand I heard since Dawood gang ” All this shows that Ramu is turning a politician with ulterior motives and mafia connections.