Rana Adds Name, Not Money

Rana has inherited clever business tactics from his dad Suresh Babu. He is now winning all the praise for “producing” small-budgeted movie “Care of Kancharapalem” though he has not invested any money on this.

The film was bankrolled by an NRI cardiologist Praveena Parachuri and other independent producers. They later approached Suresh Productions for the support for release and other things.

Sensing that the film has good material to win critical acclaim, Rana has added his name as presenter and used all his resources and contacts to build buzz around it. He has successfully managed this and is getting all the praise with zero investment.

The film is reportedly made with mere Rs 75 lakhs and he can easily sell it for more than Rs 1 cr to satellite channels and can also get good money from digital streaming sites. Clever strategy indeed.

Also it is a win-win situation for the Indie filmmakers as well.