Rana comes clean on Bips & Trisha

For some reason the Tollywood hunk Daggubati Rana has been getting mired in controversies of linkups. Earlier, it was just the Bollywood bombshell Bipasha Basu but now the petite beauty Trisha has also been linked to Rana. Recently, Rana got to share his thoughts with a section of media where he came clean.
Speaking about the issue, Rana reportedly reiterated that he and Bipasha are ‘just good friends’ and there is nothing romantic between them. As for Trisha, Rana reportedly added that both of them had a hearty laugh about it since they know each other from many years and tend to hang out together as well with their friends group.
While Rana has made his stand clear, a group of media folks vouch that they are not going to give up and come up with more interesting news regarding him. Whatever it may be, this is working as publicity for Rana who is yet to make his mark at the box office through his performance.