Rangasthalam – First Chiru-Less Charan Film!

The role of Megastar Chiranjeevi in Ram Charan’s films is indisposable. His involvement starts right from finalizing projects to deciding the runtime of final copy. Having said that, Rangasthalam can be attributed as Chiru’s least involved Ram Charan-starrer.

After Chiru gave his nod to Sukumar’s story, Ram Charan gave the intelligent director a complete freehand. As per reports, neither he involved nor he let Chiranjeevi involve in any creative aspect of the film. Charan trusted Sukumar’s conviction and vision completely.

When the film’s title was announced as ‘Rangasthalam’, rumors did rounds that Chiru was not pleased with it. Charan however voted for Sukumar’s decision. Most recently, after watching the final cut, Chiru reportedly suggested that the film’s runtime is too long, nearly 2 hours and 45 minutes, and asked the makers to cut some portions, stating that audience of this generation don’t sit in theatres for such long duration. Even in this case, Charan backed Sukumar’s final cut and politely ignored his father’s suggestion.

Rangasthalam is completely Sukumar’s film (off screen) and Charan’s film (on screen). Having utmost belief in Sukumar’s vision, Charan ignored even his father’s rich expertise and did not let anyone interfere in the creative aspects. With such freedom, which is rarely given to directors by star heroes, Sukumar has filmed whatever he had envisioned.