‘Rangasthalam’ Length Credit Goes To Chiru

The big thing many discuss at the moment is how will “Rangasthalam” going to fare at the box office with almost 3 hours run time. But director Sukumar says, that length credit should go to Megastar Chiranjeevi not him.

Without any Censor ads and Rahul Dravid’s tobacco treats, the runtime of Rangasthalam is 2 hours 50 minutes. Sukumar stated that he has first shown the preview of the film to Megastar and then this runtime is locked.

“After watching the preview, Chiranjeevi garu felt very emotional. Then he asked me about runtime. I’m already prepared to chop almost 20-30 minutes to bring it down to 2 hours 20 minutes. When I said it is three hours, Chiranjeevi garu said that the film is quite engaging and there is no need to remove at least one single frame. That way, he gave us the energy to go ahead with such runtime. You’ll also feel happy about it” said Sukumar.

Directed by Sukumar, Rangasthalam has Sukumar and Samantha playing the roles of villagers for the first time in their career. We have to see how the film fares at box office.