Rangasthalam : The Topic Is Over


Just there are five more days for Ram Charan’s most awaited film “Rangasthalam” to hit the screens. Always for his films, there will be rumours about reshoots, length trimmings, scene cuttings and others. In that aspect, what is the situation of this March 30th release now?

Travelling through all the tough things, finally, Rangasthalam’s final output is locked a week ago. That’s the reason Ram Charan joked during the pre-release event that if Sukumar calls for a reshoot, he will wear a fake beard and turns up at the shooting. But the film’s output is locked and Chiranjeevi also gave a go for the movie’s final cut.

Latest update is that cinematographer Ratnavelu has completed the Digital Intermediate work of the movie where he colour grades the whole movie. Reports are coming that the final grade is awesome with Ratnavelu brand of colours though the film appears in warm tinted greens and browns most of the time, bringing that 80s village feels to the eye.

So literally there is no question of any adjustments related to trimming and cutting now, and the only thing is to export the film’s output to digital services once the Censor Certificate falls in hand. So the topic of Rangasthalam is over from the production side and the ball will land in the court of audiences soon.