Rangasthalam US : Can Charan Bring 1 Million USD?

Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam is facing a major challenge in the United States. The discontinuation of Movie Pass is posing a big threat to the huge aspirations of the trade on Rangasthalam.

It is well-known that Movie Pass accounts for 85 to 90 per cent of the overall revenue of the Telugu films running in the US. However, abuse of Movie Pass, several complaints, allegations over misuse of Movie Pass has upset the top executives of Movie Pass who have of late cutting down the number of Telugu, Indian films under Movie Pass.

This is resulting in steep downfall in the Box Office figures of our films. Naga Shaurya’s Chalo was the last Telugu film to enjoy the advantage of the Movie Pass for the initial run. Subsequently, it also received the heat of the discontinuation of the Movie Pass. Films such as Nikhil’s Kirrak Party have lost big in the US over the discontinuation of the Movie Pass.

Although Sukumar has a great following in the US and his films have registered good figures in the US earlier and even Ram Charan’s Dhruva managed to join 1 Million USD club, the situation today in the US is totally different due to discontinuation of Movie Pass.

The makers of Rangasthalam are breaking their heads now on how to pull this off in the US as this is prestigious film for Charan and their banner. Also, the US distributors who have bet huge on the film are keeping their fingers crossed.