Ravi Babu’s latest movie trailer goes viral

Comedian turned actor Ravi Babu had got the image of making low budget movies with different themes. His talent as a different filmmaker with movies like Allari, Anasuya, Amaravathi, Nuvvila, etc. Ravi Babu’s film making style resembles a bit like Hollywood type of film making.
Now he is coming back once again with a new movie ‘Avunu’, a horror flick. The first look trailer of Avunu has been released and was an instant hit. We can easily observe Paranormal Activity’s influence in the taking. This is a low budget movie too and Shekar Chandra is the music director. Harsha Vardhan (Thakita Thakita fame) and Poorna (Seema Tapaakaaya Fame) are the main leads. Avunu will be releasing in July.