Ravi Teja insults masses

Many thought Ravi Teja whom masses love and adore him dearly offer them delicious dishes and sumptuous treat on Independence Day. Even masses expected the same as they crowned him as their Mass Maharaja. However Ravi Teja disappointed all his die hard fans with out giving even a small tiffin also. On the top of it, he insulted them by having sumptuous and delicious treat in front of them.
All this happened when all his die hard fans thronged theatres to watch their hero who came with gorgeous Goan beauty Ileana in Puri Jagannath’s ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’. While masses expected energetic dances, ever effective mass dialogues and powerful stunts he was totally subdued and did not even allow gorgeous beauty Ileana to offer her glamor treat.
However he thoroughly enjoyed romancing Ileana and even went ahead biting her gorgeous sweet little honey filled red lips twice or thrice. On the top of it he started hugging her to the core kissing her everywhere. Many are angry with Ravi Teja for these double standards and started talking negatively after his show was over. Masses felt though he had double meals enjoying Ileana’s honey filled lips to the core, he left them starving. Masses were seen cursing mass Raja who acted as a sadist becoming totally selfish which was actually unlike him.