Ravi Teja lost his cool?

Ravi Teja

It was unbelievable because it was star Ravi Teja who gave a writer Bobby, big break as a director, but it seems that they developed some creative differences and particularly in a overseas shooting, the rift reportedly led to big arguments and Balupu star has to be pacified by the unit members later, on the star and director are reportedly not in best of terms as the film “Power” is staled for release soon.

Almost like his onscreen persona, Ravi Teja is quite a friendly and tries to resolve issues in professional manner, but rarely, we have heard of him, losing his cool, but this time around, he got pissed of and blasted the director, for not sticking the scenes, that were approved before hand. Let’s hope, that such minor differences haven’t affected the 25-crore film, since more than Ravi (who is already a star) its writer turned director’ career would be at stake.