Ravi Teja and Vijay’s Confusion Continues

With the release of Nagarjuna and Nani starrer ‘Devadas’, the month of September ends. So far, all movies had released without any hitch.

But Vijay Deverakonda and his producers as well as Ravi Teja’s movie producers are in total confusion and it is leading to further disorder for the new releases in the month of October.

Ravi Teja and Sreenu Vaitla’s “Amar Akbar Anthony” that was to release on 5th October has been pulled out. But they have not made it official yet, nor are they confirming that would they release it in October end or November.

Furthermore, Vijay Deverakonda and his producers have been planning to release “NOTA” on October 4 but they have come under pressure from other makers.

If “NOTA” gets released on October 4, it will not get sufficient theaters in its second week as NTR’s “Aravindha Sametha” is releasing on October 11. If it sticks to October 18th date, it will face stiff competition from Vishal’s “Pandem Kodi 2” in Tamil.

Moreover, the makers are particular that they want to release “NOTA” before Vijay’s “Sarkar” hits the screens on Deepavali (November 1st week) because both the movies are political thrillers. “NOTA” has no choice but release in October.

Though they have released in trailer so early, they have stopped promotions there after due to this confusion about release date.