RaviTeja Daruvu failed to break Pawan’a Mania

After a couple postponements, Raviteja’s most awaited ‘Daruvu’ is in theatres to shock the fans of mass raja. It is decided that the movie lacks punch to break the ‘Gabbar Singh’ mania that is shaking the whole state now.
Stuffed with mindless comedy, incomprehensible story line and Raviteja’s boring antics, ‘Daruvu’ looks more of a crap. In the name of exploring Raviteja’s energy, the director failed to hold the pulse of audience with other characters becoming mere puppets. Trade pundits are saying that families and youth will not prefer ‘Daruvu’ for its pale content and ‘oora mass’ conceiving.
They say that ‘Gabbar Singh’ will be the undisputed king of Box Office for few more weeks as ‘Daruvu’ failed to create magic. With ‘Eega’ and ‘Endukante Premanta’ not falling nearby, there is no doubt that Powerstar will set some new records in Tollywood.