RaviTeja’s Daruvu steps back with Gabbar Singh Talk

Gabbar Singh mania has reached scary levels as fans and common audiences are going mad over this film. Pawan Kalyan’s star power coupled with sensational music and a massy outlook promises a masala treat for the audiences this summer. Despite the bad track record of Pawan Kalyan in the recent past, Gabbar Singh is showing Pawan’s power to the box office.
28 shows are being screened in Prasads multiplex on the first day and all the tickets were sold off in just two hours. Same is the case with other multiplexes and single screens. Tickets were booked in advance for four days in many theaters in advance. This is shocking the film fraternity too. One could not believe that Pawan Kalyan’s last blockbuster film was released eleven years ago and he has only one hit in the meantime.
Talk from industry sources is very positive although there has been buzz about heavy sentimental dose in the second hour. However there are enough elements to click with the target audiences and fans it seems. The signs of Gabbar Singh’s storm are already showing as Raviteja’s Daruvu, which was planned to release on May 18th is now likely to be pushed to 25th. If the public talk is in favor of Gabbar Singh then there would be many changes done to the scheduled releases.