Raviteja’s Daruvu turns Baruvu for producers!

Raviteja was considered as one of the safe bet heroes in Telugu cinema until a year ago. But a series of flop movies raised enough doubts on him to the buyers. Raviteja’s downfall started with Dongala Mutha, a film that Raviteja should’ve never done. Later it was followed up by Veera which was a bigger debacle in terms of financial returns.
Earlier this year Raviteja tasted the flop of his career with Nippu. With this movie, Raviteja lost the trust of audience as well as business circles. Previously Raviteja used to be the savior for films with average content. With growing age and declining energy levels, he is not the same Raviteja now. Being monotonous is showing ominous signs already.
His upcoming film Daruvu has no takers in few key regions. A year ago his films used to sell like hot cakes. But times have changed now and how fast! Daruvu is turning out to be Baruvu for its producers as buyers are not showing any interest in this film with so many biggies in the fray. They will have to wait for the right time or should release the film on their own if they want to take advantage of summer holidays. That should be risky unless Daruvu is a minimum guarantee mass film.