Raviteja’s ‘Nadumu’ Sentiment In ‘Daruvu’

Every hero and director will have certain sentiments, especially certain good things happened to them in a superhit movie. With most of his films failing at Box Office in the recent past, Mass Raja is heard resorting to few sentiments for his upcoming movie.
Raviteja is all set to rock the tinsel town with his ‘Daruvu’ now. Irrespective of the old-wine talk engulfing this movie, our mass-hero is said to be banking on few sentiments. Of all such things, his ‘nadumu’ sentiment holds the top place. Ravi has earlier done nice hand work on the waists of his heroines in Vikramarkudu, Dubai Seenu and Mirapakai. Anushka, Nayantara and Richa Gangopadhyay got their sleek part man-handled by him to raise mercury levels. He is now repeating this by squeezing the slender waist of our spicy heroine Taapsee in ‘Daruvu’.
On the other hand, T-agitators who are demanding for a title change are also giving good publicity to the film. How his sentiments work out for him this time remains to be seen!