I am Ready for Glam Show: Anupama

Anupama Parameshwaran is an actress with difference. She is one of the few actresses who sticks to self-made rules and values.The beauty from Malabar has been playing roles with girl-next-door looks and is now comfortably settled in Tollywood. However, she is not averse to playing glamour roles.“For some reason, I have been getting same roles. I am open to glamorous roles as long as I am not projected in a vulgar manner. I know where to draw a line in glamour show,” she stresses.

Anupama also says she is not regretting on missing out the heroine’s role in blockbuster “Rangasthalam”.She was the first chosen to play the role of Rama Lakshmi in the film opposite Ram Charan, but director Sukumar replaced her in the last minute with Samantha.Anupama says Samantha did the role exceptionally well and she believes she’d not have done that better.

Anupama is controversy-free.