Real Culprit Is Sir Vijay Devarakonda, Isn’t It?

Ram Gopal Varma advised Sri Reddy to call Pawan Kalyan as “M*****d and she did it without thinking twice about any ethics. But this abusing of human rights is something popularised by Sir Vijay Devarakonda, we have to say.

The likes of Roja and other politicians are known for using foul language but they never use such intense and vulgar language. But the teaser of Arjun Reddy has popularised the line “Em Matladutunnav Ra Ma****d” and hero Vijay Devarakonda took it to next level by making many students utter it at his film’s pre-release event.

Though that word is muted in film’s theatrical release, by that time it already got a cult status among lovers of cuss words. And then, Varma, a patron of many such negative energies laid his ears and eyes on that cuss word popularised by Vijay Devarakonda caught the attention of Varma. And now he might have picked it for Sri Reddy. Probably this is the first time that cuss word is used such freely by many in public domains and before cameras.

Guess what, now that the likes of hero Siva Balaji have lodged a case on Sri Reddy for using that word against Pawan, legal experts opined that she will get almost 5 years jail term if the charges are proved.

Even now, will Vijay Devarakonda advise his followers to talk whatever that comes to their mind without using any filter to their mouths? It takes guts to admit their mistakes, and we have to see what Vijay will now say for popularising that word.