Reason Behind KCR Vs Reddy

The ongoing tussle between Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and TDP leader Revanth Reddy in the floor of Assembly is setting the tongues wagging in political fraternity. Many are wondering why KCR and TRS legislators continuously targeting Reddy. Although Congress is the principal opposition party, going by the numbers, it just confined to a mute spectator as the battle is drawn between TDP and TRS which has been intensified manifold. With Congress floor leader Jana Reddy turning helpless and failing to take on CM KCR, TDP is literally stealing the show. Also, CM KCR is apparently fearing that TDP would emerge as a threat to TRS in the region.
“KCR feels TDP is stronger in Telangana and in order to crush he should target Revanth Reddy who belongs to Reddy community which has considerable influence in politics. He feels once he targets Revanth and silences him, there won’t be any opposition in the state. He increased attacks and even went on to incite his leaders to attack his home after failing to lure him into TRS with lucrative offers,” said a political analyst. At the same time, political analysts who are closely observing KCR’s moves feel that he is following the footsteps of ex CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy. “KCR is clearly following YSR’s footsteps in terms of administration, governance and playing politics with opposition. 
Likewise, he is attacking Revanth Reddy and his supporters thus sending strong signal to the rest of the Opposition leaders,” opined a political commentator. On the other hand Revanth supports feels that there is nothing wrong in Revanth questioning comprehensive survey in Telangana and pointing out the manner in which KCR’s daughter Kavitha enrolled herself in both Nizamabad and Hyderabad. “Govt could have just issued clarification but it went on to suspend 10 TDP MLAs on the pretext of Revanth Reddy’s comments. 
Even earlier the then CM of Andhra Pradesh, Jalagam Vengala Rao incited his party men to attack and pelt stones on the then Telangana strong man Chenna Reddy. Chenna Reddy’s popularity increased at once and he later became CM of Andhra Pradesh” said one of the hardcore Revanth Supporter. It has to be seen whether Revanth Reddy could successfully turn these events into his favour and gain political mileage out of it or remain the same.