Is that the reason behind Pawan avoiding Chiranjeevi ?

As we mentioned earlier today that Chiranjeevi and Pawan kalyan were not interested in meeting each other on stage of movie launch program of Varun tej son of Naga babu. Both seemed to be uncomfortable and they did not even meet in this launch function which surprised many who attended the launch show.

Pawan kalyan who looked happy until chiru enters and he even left function when Chiranjeevi started saying his speech. Pawan kalyan did not meet him. Well there are many reasons coming out on this issue and the reason behind this clashes in  mega family are not yet known but as expected this might be the reason.
Pawan kalyan is not at all interested in Chiranjeevi entering congress party whom Pawan kalyan shouted on for PRP party established by Chiranjeevi. Pawan kalyan and Chiranjeevi had some clashes at this stage which went out of control and they both stopped talking each other, meanwhile to cover this from media Pawan is answering that Chiru is my god all stuff.