Reason Behind Using pepper spray

Lagadapati Rajagopal, Vijayawada MP who came under severe criticism for unleashing pepper spray in Lok Sabha on the eve of tabling the T Bill, strongly defended his action.

Lagadapati was closeted in Speaker’s chamber soon after the ruckus that followed the Government’s tabling of T Bill in the Lower House. Lok Sabha security personnel did this apparently for his own safety and for safety of others.

He was let off a couple of hours later and Lagadapati spoke to an array of news channels and went about defending himself. He said he had to use the pepper spray for purely for self defence and he has no intention to harm others.

Lagadapati said pepper spray is legally allowed even for women as an instrument of self defence against stalkers and attackers.

Lagadapati said he was actually attacked by some other members including those of Telangana region. He had information that there is a threat to him in Parliament and he keeps the spray as a matter of habit.