Reasons behind TV9 Leaking Pawan’s Party Details?

Few minutes to go for a grand announcement of Pawan Kalyan’s political entry and complete details about Pawan’s “Jana Sena” are going to reveal on this event. The event is going witness many surprises about Pawan Kalyan’s party name, logo, flag, song, agenda etc., But shockingly these all surprises like Party Name, Slogan, logo, flag and agenda were leaked by Popular Telugu news channel exclusively. It is learnt that from past two days on wards TV9 is revealing one after one about Pawan Kalyan’s political party.

First this news channel released Party Name, next Party symbol, next song and today morning it leaked complete agenda of the party. Many got surprised how these all important stuffs of Pawan’s party are coming out. Don’t get astonished the entire information is given to TV9 by Pawan’s party members only. Yes, according to our reliable sources, couple of days back on March 10th Pawan Kalyan’s close aides tried to register the party name at Election Commission but due to delay in submission Election Commission rejected to register for 2014 Election. So, officially Pawan should not announce the Party name publically which may cause indirect violating of Election rule.
Now the scene started, Pawan Kalyan’s party associates who wants to reveal the party name into public given these entire stuffs like Party name, slogan, flag etc to TV9 which are out before the Public announcement by Power Star. Due to Election Code only Pawan Kalyan shifted his party announcement venue from out door to indoor. But still now even though popular news revealed the news, but in coming elections Pawan Kalyan’s party members could not contest on Jana Sena Party name and on common symbol. The only option for them is they need to contest as independent. Keep Browsing for minute to minute live updates of Pawan Kalyan’s party announcement meeting.