Reception is Reason For Pranay’s Murder

The brutal and cold-blooded murder of 24-yr-old Pranay on Sep 14 in broad daylight outside Jyothi Hospital, Miryalaguda in front of his own mother and pregnant wife Amrutha Varshini has sent shivers down the spine of many. This gruesome caste killing plot by Amrutha’s rich father Maruthi Rao is stressing the decreasing human values in society. And one major question that is on many lips is that how can a father hire supari killers on a contract to kill his own son-in-law when his very own daughter is carrying.

Now, here is the major reason that made Maruthi Rao to hire supari killers for contract of Rs 1 Crore to eliminate his son-in-law Pranay. Apparently, Maruthi Rao had tried all ways to break the couple, but in vain.

Initially, Maruthi Rao had lodged police complaint in Miryalaguda police station after coming to know about their marriage. However, police had then called the couple from Hyderabad and inquired about forceful marriage. But both have told police that they are majors and both have married with their own interest, love. Police had scolded Maruthi Rao and gave counseling to both families and informed Maruthi Rao not to disturb Amrutha.

But Maruthi Rao didn’t budge. He tried every possible way to break the couple’s relation. He even said to have offered money to Pranay and Pranay’s parents to leave his daughter. Meanwhile, Amrutha became pregnant. She too started talking to her mother and once in a while with her dad hoping that they would change.

To celebrate the joy in their family of expecting a child, Pranay’s parents and family have held a reception bash to Pranay and Amrutha. This said to have felt Maruthi Rao ashamed and insulted which made him decide to eliminate Pranay. Apparently, Maruthi Rao and his Supari gang had tried four times earlier to kill Pranay but failed. And finally on fateful day on Sep 14, 2018, they’ve brutally killed Pranay.