Remarks not against Chiranjeevi, against all political parties

Actor Mohan Babu denied that the comments he made recently were against the union minister Chiranjeevi.

It may be recalled that Mohan Babu said he has neither any plans to launch a new party nor the intention to earn money through it. He charged that all the political parties were collecting money for giving tickets. It was said immediately that he was referring to Chiranjeevi as it was alleged that Allu Aravind collected money for giving PRP tickets when the Mega Star launched the party.

But Mohan Babu has now said his remarks were not against Chiranjeevi. He maintained that the union minister was a close friend of his. He however said that it was  fact that all the political parties were collecting money to give tickets. On his political plans, he said his decision to reenter politics was the decision of God. He however said that he would not be able to say which party he would join, as of now.

However, it is being said that all was set for Mohan Babu to join the YSR Congress as he met Jagan in the Chanchalguda jail and alleged that he was illegally jailed.