Renu Desai hurts; switched off inbox


Renu Desai who was never so vocal has suddenly become a bird. She has been commenting and counter commenting on her Facebook page in the recent times. First it was a comment by her about fans’ abusive personal messages. Then it was a comment on Pawan’s persona.

Recently Renu Desai, who is busy with the promotions of her Marathi film Ishq Wala Love, has taken to social media to respond to those who accused her of taking support of her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan’s name to become famous. Claiming that she is a popular model and actress, Renu went on to say she produced a successful film ‘Mangalshtak Once More’ without the support of anyone.

Seems the reply from Renu hits back her with abusive comments A day after this episode, Renu Desai posted this message on her Facebook page, “I don’t think it is appropriate for people to send such messages claiming that they are fans of Pawan Kalyan. Pawan does not like this. I have decided to switch off my inbox from today.

One must realize that celebrities have a personal life too. It is not right to bother them like this. I can understand fans loving Pawan Kalyan, but that does not mean that they can hurt others in his life.” Hurting the Self-Respect of a woman is unpardonable and one should respect others privacy.