Renu Desai’s Second Marriage: What’s The Problem?

Apparently, the news of Renu Desai getting married for the second time after divorcing Pawan Kalyan is getting all the attention now. The former actress herself announced on social networking page about her engagement without revealing anything about the partner.

If we have to say, some folks are unable to digest the fact that Renu got married again. And the comments on her timeline, when she stated that “My happiness is incomplete without my babies. So happy that I’ve both of them beside me on the day I start a happy phase of my life”, shows how some netizens are feeling sad about this happening.

To be frank, if Pawan Kalyan got remarried after his broken marriage, then Renu Desai has all the rights on this earth and country to enter the nuptials again. One wonders why some people are having a problem with that. Tomorrow she may welcome a couple of more kids from her new marriage, and that’s also her personal choice.

And it sounds funny when some people commented like, “I thought yours (Renu’s) is really true love and you will be staying single forever. But you have betrayed our trust”. Whether it is before marriage or after marriage, whether a girl or a boy, everyone has their own life. So why do we interpret it to our liking?