Reshoots Or Not? Charan’s Confesses Candidly

Regarding any big films these days, one rumours that mushrooms without any doubt is that of the ‘reshoots’. We heard that all of the summer’s big releases including Rangasthalam, Bharat Anu Nenu and Naa Peru Surya have gone for reshoots. And here is what Ram Charan has to say about his film.

“Yes, after watching the final cut, we felt like some connections are missing in the screenplay. Then we planned for a week of reshoots and completed it. There is no wrong in doing reshoots as that is aimed at making the film look better. Our aim is to give better entertainment and Sukumar just rocked it” said Charan, candidly confessing about the reshoot rumour.

Frankly speaking, if we have to deliver a product, the final touchups are always important. So fans and other movie lovers should come off the negative psychological feeling around reshoots. Earlier Koratala Siva also said the same during Srimanthudu promotions that we have to reshoot the film as long as the output comes convincing. Because once the film is out in the market, the result could not be undone.

Furthermore, about Rangasthalam, there is a worry about the nearly 3-hours runtime of the film. We hear that Megastar Chiru himself asked the team to go ahead with such runtime as the flow of the film should not get disturbed. Let’s see how it goes in theatres on March 30th.