Revanth Missing In Action At Crucial Time!

It has been quite some time since one has heard about firebrand MLA from Kodangal A Revanth Reddy. For the last few weeks, there was no information about where he is and what he is doing.

The MLA, who joined the Congress party with high hopes that he would get a prominent position and the responsibility of steering the party to victory, has quietly slipped into oblivion after he realised that the high command had taken him for a ride and was not going to give him any important role in the party. This was unpalatable for Revanth, who was an uncrowned king in the Telangana TDP, where he used to call shots.

Inquiries revealed that Revanth had gone to the United States to take break from the dirty politics in the Congress party.

“He went to the US on a personal trip. He will return shortly, but unless there is some action plan involving him in the party, he is unlikely to take active part in the Congress,” a source close to him said.

What is humiliating to Revanth is that there was none in the party who is bothered to find out where he is and why he had gone to the US.

“It looks like the top leaders in the TPCC have virtually ignored him and are not bothered to find out why he was not coming to Gandhi Bhavan. That is the importance he is getting in the Congress party,” the source said.