RGV-Akhil Film: Here’s The Reality

Eccentric filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma pulled off a major shock on Twitter tonight. In a flood of tweets, RGV, in his usual audacious manner, announced that he is going to direct Akhil in an intense, realistic action film and that Nagarjuna will be producing it.

Naturally, RGV’s tweets sent shockwaves across Akkineni fans. Already, fans are upset with Akhil not scoring a solid hit yet, despite having all the qualities to be a star and giving his best in both the movies. And a film with RGV is the least fans were expecting at this juncture.

But fans may take a deep sigh of relief, as it’s been reliably learnt that the RGV-Akhil film is not happening in reality. If there was ever a film in their combo, either Nag or Akhil too would have made an official announcement in a formal way.

RGV may have posted those tweets only for pure sensationalism and to create some buzz for Officer, his upcoming film with Nagarjuna. We will have to wait and see how the rumors of RGV-Akhil film fizzle out in the coming days. Meanwhile all eyes are on the short film which RGV had directed, featuring Akhil.