RGV and Sanjay Dutt in blame game over Department failure

There were several reports of rift between director Ram Gopal Varma and actor Sanjay Dutt during the making of Department but both of them have turned down the reports. But the differences were now public as both of them are publicly spat over the failure of the movie.
“If Dutt n uberoi think I am the bad in Dept let’s wait for zilla ghaziabad nd sohams film whr I am not there 2 spoil their creative inputs .Frm forcing me 2 take kangana out of the film 2 constantly cornering me 2 change screenplay I had the most horrible time wrking wth dutt . Whatever else happening to Department I am supremley happy tht I don’t nd 2 see the faces of Sanjay dutt nd Dharam uberoi fr rest of my life”
Sanjay Dutt vented all his anger on Ramu in an interview to a National newspaper, he said.”Hits and flops are a part of the industry. But I really don’t know if I shall work with Ramu again.”
Dharam Oberoi, CEO of Sanjay Dutt Productions went further saying, “I am sure that I don’t want to work with Ramu on any other project in my life. We told Ramu so often those 5D cameras, which he used, are not apt to make a film but to no avail. Ramu just does not listen.”
Lets see how far it goes!