RGV & Co Dhi Vedhava Naatakam – Allu Aravind

Mega producer Allu Aravind has fumed over director Ram Gopal Varma and his gang. Aravind has blasted RGV who admitted that he was behind Sri Reddy’s abusive, personal remarks against actor-turned-politician Pawan Kalyan.

RGV knew that Sri Reddy would be revealing his name for provoking her to abuse Pawan Kalyan. Knowing that, he has shot a video in advance admitting that he was behind Sri Reddy and apologized to Pawan Kalyan, his fans. It is his cheap trick to protect his fame. Instead of Sri Reddy coming out and revealing his name, RGV thought of coming out on his own and admit his act and thus sought apology. I want people to understand his acts, his intentions,” said Allu Aravind.

Aravind alleged that RGV has taken his “revenge” against Pawan Kalyan “using” Sri Reddy. He breathed fire on RGV for using a “women” against Pawan. Aravind taken objection to the use of ‘m’ word on Pawan’s family and shot back saying whether RGV would be pained or not if a four-letter English cuss word is used against RGV’s mother or sister or daughter.

However, Aravind even agreed that RGV is intelligent, but described him as an “intelligent crook”. Aravind alleged that RGV is causing harm to the Telugu film industry which was the responsible for his growth.

Suresh Babu Family Episode

Allu Aravind even clarified on RGV’s comments on Suresh Babu & family. Aravind made it clear that Suresh Babu and family were never interested in “solving” the Sri Reddy issue “out-of-court” for “money” but only wanted to go by the law. Aravind thrashed RGV’s claims of sorting out the issue amicably for Rs 5 Crore as settlement in the issue of Sri Reddy and Suresh Babu’s younger son Abhiram. Aravind asked RGV to first take care of his own family instead of “showing sympathy” to Suresh’s family’s reputation.

Allu Aravind also stated that RGV is dead against to Chiranjeevi, Ram Charan, Pawan Kalyan and their family.