RGV Deeply Hurt By Telangana Anchor?

We have already informed that popular Radio Jockey Prateeka has turned into a VJ now as she is launched on V6 channel with a special talk show that got eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma as his first guest. Quite popular for her chatting in Hyderabadi Telangana dialect and randomly talking about vivid stuff, she is said to be hurting RGV with her first ever show. On the first episode of ‘Prateeka Show’, Ram Gopal Varma is seen taking the hot-seat but only for a couple of minutes he answered in his trademark style. 
Ten minutes into the show, RGV started showing reluctance to answer the questions posed by Prateeka as she went on quipping why he tries to be different, interested in controversies and likes negative things. Ramu started giving one-word answers like ‘Nothing’ ‘Don’t know’ ‘Not interested’ ‘No’ and all. This went on as Prateeka asked him why was he on the show if he is not interested to answer anything. 
But what has hurt RGV, the most celebrated celebrity who is known for hurting others but never takes the blade in his chest? Various explanations are doing rounds on social circles including the fact that as Prateeka addressed him in singular, calling him ‘nuvvu’, RGV got hurt. Some others say he is unhappy as the questionnaire and questioning of this former radio jockey looked quite silly and childish. Only RGV knows the answer!