RGV giving blood shower

RGV was once a rage across the country. His debut film in 1989 ‘Shiva’ was a sensation and at once gave superstardom to Nagarjuna, making him student leader. He then showed the sensuous side of Urmila, which many bollywood film makers missed. His ‘Rangeela’ made Urmi hot star in 1995, and even showed the romantic side of action hero Jackie Shroff. From then on he became a silver screen psychopath giving blood shower to movie lovers on silver screen.
Most of his films are based on mafia raj, warring factions, ghosts, spirits showing the gory and scary side to his fans and movie lovers. Many family viewers who expected Ananganga O Roju kind of films from RGV stopped watching his flicks because of senseless blood bath and violence. Though his films Corporate, Sarkar, Sarkar Raj, Satya highlighted the realistic reasons behind violence, he from then on started glorifying senseless violence, thinking that it will take him and his films to stardom.
His much hyped Raktha Charitra failed as he deviated from the core subject and similar is his KSD Appalaraju which showed how much he hates tollywood industry. Once he made statements that he is making films only for himself and don’t care about whether others watch or not, many stopped paying attention to him.
However he comes with films like ‘Reddy garu Poyaru’, ‘Ramayanam’ and ‘26/11 atacks’ to be in the lime light. Movie lovers are saying they are not ready for RGV’s ‘Blood Shower’ on silver screen.