RGV has a life threat !

Daggubati Rana’s career is in complete doldrums. All the efforts he is making towards the movie are all misfiring. The premiere of his latest movie, Department was held at Hyderabad yesterday night. Audience were seen coming out of the movie before the first half of the movie. Here is the conversation of two people who watched the movie premiere.
ABC: Still dazed after last night’s traumatizing experience. My head swirls like one those weird ass cameras angles in #Department. Gaah!
XYZ: same here sirjee 🙁
ABC: bhayya…gamaninchaavo ledho, there’s a dialogue towards the end of the film which might lead to a sequel!!! (Bro, If you had observed, he hinted at a possible sequel).
XYZ: nenu jail ki poyina parledu..aadu sequel announce chesthe matuku ee saari murderle (I am ready to go to jail killing him if he makes the sequel)