RGV’s Next Film: KCR


Director Ram Gopal Varma is at it again. He has dropped another bomb and this time much bigger than before. Varma announced that the title of his upcoming film is “KCR”. RGV wrote on his micro-blogging page, “Naa next picture title ‘KCR'”. And RGV didn’t stop there. Comparing KCR to veteran NTR, RGV said, “‘KCR’ sounding better than ‘NTR'” Expounding it, RGV said, “On every aspect I like the inward sound of a KCR more than the sound of an NTR or a YSR” Varma also said, “Hitler was bad KCR and KCR is a good Hitler.”

Besides this, Varma once again ropes in KCR’s beauty. This time, he compares KCR’s beauty with Samantha, Thamanna and Ileana and says, “Just in the sheer power combination of presence, persona and intensity KCR is more beautiful than Samantha,Thamanna and Ileana put together.”

This is certainly a big salvo from Ramu. Not long ago RGV has “raved” about KCR’s “beauty”, his “Rama” avatar and his “nose”. That even invited wrath from people of Telangana including T-filmmakers. Let’s see how T-town reacts to RGV’s latest announcement. Could anyone get better title than this?