RGV reveals Sensational Facts on Jagan !

Many gossips are heard in Film Nagar earlier that YS Jagan has warned film maker Ram Gopal Varma to chop his role in the movie that was shot by this maker. Now, these rumours are getting fueled by Vijayawada MP Lagadapati’s words
Lagadapati commented today that Jagan has blackmailed Ram Gopal Varma to trim down his and his father’s role from the movie. He confirmed that Ramu himself had told this to him. These comments have made YSR Congress leaders furious in turn. ‘We’ll know that Lagadapti makes assertions to gain publicity. Why is he silent all these days when Jagan is outside?’ questioned YSR party Mahila leader Roja.
However, a leader of Lagadapti stature is not expected to make any baseless allegations. Some other Film Industry insiders also confirmed that Ramu has chopped out few scenes he has shot keeping YSR and Jagan in mind. But there is no proof till date that Ramu has done that at the behest of Jagan!