RGV Scolded Star Producer

bellamkonda - RGV

Producer Dil Raju always wanted to work with Pawan Kalyan but never had he got an opportunity till date. Likewise there are many other producer giants who never succeeded in making their fantasies come true despite capable of investing a mammoth to get anything on board. Producer Bellamkonda is one among them.

Bellamkonda Suresh, has first tried his hand at acting is seems. In a candid revelation, he shared about his meeting with director Ram Gopal Varma for an acting chance. ‘When I asked RGV to give him a role in his flick, he simply scolded me before saying to get lost. From then, I dropped the idea of becoming actor’, says Bellamkonda. ‘Irrespective of that incident, I’m huge fan of Ramu and will produce a film with him one day’.

Well, we wonder if Bellamkonda is really interested to come up with some ‘ice cream’ kind of pretty explicit content or something with a huge dose of violence and camera angles that make eyes scream. Only if Ramu is back to his real self like making a Siva or Kshana Kshanam, Bellamkonda’s dream will come true.