RGV underestimated Pawan’s Director !

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is not the one to mince words. Few months back, an interesting conversation took place between RGV and Pawan’s Gabbar Singh director Harish Shankar.
Both RGV and Harish share and great rapport. It was RGV who made him a director with the film ‘Shock’. After coming to know that Harish was roped in for Gabbar Singh, RGV scolded the director for taking a risky step of remaking Bollywood blockbuster Dabangg and that to when directing a star like Pawan Kalyan the expectations will reach new heights. Harish Shankar who is basking on the success of Gabbar Singh has revealed this secret in one of his recent interview. In fact, Ramu feared that Harish would land in trouble. But from Day 1, Harish was very confident about the film and delivered his best.
Harish arranged a special screening of Gabbar Singh for RGV after the release of the film. Ramu was in full of praise for the young director who made many changes in the script to suit the taste of the Tollywood audience and for showing Powerstar in the way people love to see him. With Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar has become one of the most sought after directors in Tollywood. RGV-Harish’s episode is a best example to show that we shouldn’t underestimate anyone!