RGV’s Satya sequel in trouble

It is known to our readers that Ram Gopal Varma is planning to make a sequel to his super hit movie, Satya. But the plans are badly hampered due to the maverick director’s fight with the producer of the original Satya, Bharat Shah, the diamond merchant-cum-financier who once funded RGV’s movies.
Apparently, Shah had paid Rs 10 crore to RGV. The amount has doubled to over Rs 20 crore — with interest -— over the years. He says he hasn’t recovered the money after the release of the films Bharat bhai had invested in. So he’s pursuing the matter legally against RGV.”
Subject to this dispute, RGV can’t make a sequel without a go-ahead from Bharat bhai. And considering their legal dispute, it’s going to be difficult to obtain permission from the financier-producer.