Road Show of this Item Bomb brings Awareness ?

She is called as the yummy mummy and though she hails from Bollywood, she has made her mark in south due to her spicy item songs. Recently she came up with one in the blockbuster hit ‘Gabbar Singh’ too and it turned out to be a crazy hit. We are talking about Malaika Arora Khan and here is some update.
It is heard that Malaika has been approached by the Delhi traffic police for a special road show. This is to create awareness among the ladies of Delhi to curb their speeds while they are driving. Lately, the Delhi traffic police is having a tough time controlling the ladies who are driving fast.
Sources say Malaika’s ‘road show’ will be planned to get the maximum attention. However, there are those who are asking how can a spicy item bombshell deliver the required message to the ladies. Anyways, the show looks confirmed and the outcome of that will be known once it is done.