Roja Comes To Pawan’s Defence!

Loud-mouth actress-turned-YSR Congress party MLA R K Roja, who never used to lose any opportunity to take pot shots at Jana Sena Party president Pawan Kalyan, suddenly changed her stand and came to the defence of the power star.

Reacting to the strong comments being made by the Telugu Desam Party leaders against Pawan Kalyan for questioning the Chandrababu Naidu government, Roja wondered what was wrong in the actor’s statement.

“What Pawan Kalyan said was absolutely true. Corruption has reached its peak during Naidu regime. There is corruption everywhere right from sand to red-sanders,” she said.

She found fault with the TDP leaders for targeting Pawan. “Till yesterday, they were treating him as friend. Just because he spoke the facts, has he become a villain?” she asked.

Ironically, it was Roja who used to target Pawan Kalyan whenever there was an opportunity. She described Jana Sena as nothing other than Bhajana Sena of the TDP.

“If the party run by Chandrababu Naidu is Thalli-TDP, That being headed by Pawan Kalyan is Pilla-TDP. We could hardly see anything common between the statements and actions of Jana Sena president,” she alleged.

Roja used to say that Pawan Kalyan would come to the rescue of Naidu whenever Jagan exposed the latter’s corrupt deeds.“It’s not right to criticize during shooting gaps. If he is so serious, he should come into people and fight for them,” Roja added.