All Round Attack on BJP : Naidu’s Smart Plan

In a significant political development in Andhra Pradesh and in India to counter Modi-led BJP, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu has moved his first-ever step. Naidu has personally called on for an all-party meeting (Akhila Paksha Samavesam) in Amaravati on Tuesday . Besides two representatives from all the major political parties, Chandrababu has also invited the representatives from the Pratyekha Hoda Sadhana Samithi, employees, student and journalist JACs to fight against BJP. This is the first-ever major attempt to unite all the forces against BJP and mount pressure on them.

This is Naidu’s formula of killing two birds with one stone. By bringing all political parties such as YSRCP, Janasena, it is an attempt to expose them. At the same time, by uniting all the forces, Naidu is sending a serious caution to BJP’s top leadership.

Both ways, this is a move that would help TDP in a big way. Even in national politics, this is going to get a huge importance. In fact, it is Chandrababu Naidu, who turned the whole nation towards AP, by quitting NDA and moving no-confidence motion. Only after TDP moved no-trust motion, all anti-Modi forces, parties have united nationally giving shockwaves to BJP.

At a time, BJP is running away from the discussion on the no-confidence motion, Naidu has once again played his part well by inviting for an all party meet. The all-party meet is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning in Amaravati at 11 AM.