#RRR: This ‘R’ Is Just A ‘R’umour!

Ever since the project #RRR is announced, the makers are making sure that the film will get maximum attention. And that strategy seems to be working as we are seeing this film trending all the time since then.

Other day we have revealed that senior hero Rajasekhar is being considered to rope in as the antagonist for the film. But the moment his name popped up, some started connecting dots in their own imagination, saying that ‘R’ajamouli’ picked ‘R’ajasekhar for ‘R’am Charan and ‘R’ama Rao to continued the “R” sentiment. And here is an extension of it.

Latest rumours that are doing rounds about the film are that Rajamouli is considering the likes of Rakul Preet and Raashi Khanna as heroines. And the reason they say is, they have their names starting with R. That could be a clear case of imagination because Rajamouli will not be finding other cast and crew that way. Sticking to such sentiments will only spoil the dish, but won’t help it.

Meanwhile, Rajamouli usually works with Keeravani for music and Senthil for cinematography. Now he won’t be taking Radhan (Andala Rakshasi fame) for music and Ratnavelu for cinematography to fall in line with R sentiment know. So for now, all these R’s we are hearing are just ‘R’umours.