Rs 60 Lakh To LP For A Film Yet To Take Off?

Gossips in the film circles are like smoke without fire. Anybody can create any kind of rumour and spread it in the social media. If there is a masala in the gossip, it can go viral within no time.The latest rumour is that YSR Congress party leader Nandamuri Lakshmi Parvathi has received a remuneration of Rs 60 lakh from the producers for giving rights to make the film on her late husband legendary actor and former Andhra Pradesh chief minister N T Rama Rao.

The film titled “Lakshmi’s NTR” is based on the life of NTR after his second marriage with Lakshmi Parvathi.Maverick film maker Ram Gopal Varma, who came up with the idea and is supposed to direct the film, has also been paid Rs 3 crore as his remuneration, says the gossip doing rounds in the media circles.

This is really funny. First of all, nobody knows the fate of the film, as Varma himself has admitted that it is still a non-starter and is not his priority list.Secondly, his latest film Officer has bombed at the box office and no producer will ever dare to make a film with RGV as the director again.

Thirdly, the script is not yet ready and there are no efforts to identify the actors who would play the key roles. So, why would any producer burn his fingers by making such an attempt?Ironically, the news was picked up by a couple of English newspapers as well, much to the chagrin of Lakshmi Parvathi!