‘Rulers’of the State!

The word ‘Ruler’ has the royal look and has been immensely popularised by Boyapati Sreenu with his song in Yong Tiger NTR’s mass entertainer ‘Dammu’. Some film makers even thought of making film with ‘Ruler’ as title. The above heading ‘Rulers’ of the state look synonymous to Hollywood super hit film ‘Enemies of the State’. Many even say that the saying are true considering the fact that more than 90 percent of present day politicians are entangled in one scam or another or have corruption or criminal charges against them with court proceedings going on. However they take refuse in the saying that no person is criminal unless until proven guilty and in out country where court proceedings even beat snail’s pace, justice will not only be delayed but also denied.
State of Andhra Pradesh is lucky enough to have innumerous rulers running the Government. They include IAS/IPS officers, cabinet ministers, MLAs, MPs and even second rung politicians excluding the Chief Minister. They show their power in issuing powerful political statements without action. Instigate students against each other or religion against each other and enjoy the fruits of unrest in the name of vote banks. This resulted in them enjoying ‘Power’ while entire Andhra Pradesh deprieved of ‘Power’. How common man deal with them in the next elections has to be seen.